Tabitha Welsh

Feeding Bees By Season

Pollen and honey provide the protein and minerals that honeybees need to survive. A healthy, successful hive will gather most of their resources from the natural world. Occasionally, beekeepers will need to feed the hive to ensure adequate stores in periods of low nectar flow and overwinter. SUGAR WATER The magic numbers… 1:1 (1 part …

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Is My Queen Laying?

The period of time between the emergence of a virgin queen and the presence of a brood can feel like watching water boil. If you have recently caught a swarm, ordered a package, or requeened, you may be wondering: Was my queen successful? Let’s start with dissecting the queen emergence process: When a new queen …

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How to treat Varroa Mites

TREATING VARROA MITES The detection and timely treatment of varroa mites is critical in preventing mite infestation, a principal cause of colony collapse disorder (CCD). One of the most common misconceptions among beekeepers is that a thriving hive does not need treatment. If their population is growing, they must be healthy, right? This assumption can …

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