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Brad Pounder is the founder and head beekeeper of Brad’s Bees and Honey. Brad grew up on an organic farm in Delavan, Wisconsin and always had a keen interest in the world of apiculture. His passion and work with sustainable, chemical free, organic farming lead to a perfect opportunity in beekeeping. His lifelong goal is to live as the bees do, symbiotically with nature.

He met his life partner and fellow beekeeper through a mutual friend who connected them over the installation of some hives on her pollinator friendly farmstead. Brad fell in love with both the girl and the farm. Today, they are partners in raising bees, babies and acres of farmland.


Our Blog

Feeding Bees By Season

Pollen and honey provide the protein and minerals that honeybees need to survive. A healthy, successful hive will gather most of their resources from the

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How to treat Varroa Mites

TREATING VARROA MITES The detection and timely treatment of varroa mites is critical in preventing mite infestation, a principal cause of colony collapse disorder (CCD).

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