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5 Frame Nucleus (NUC) Colony


Orders are for the 2021 Spring Pre-Sale. Additional communication will be forthcoming after Jan 1st, 2021.

Includes: laying queen, 3-4 frames of brood in all stages, worker bees, one resource frame (honey and pollen).

Comes in a “Deep” 5 Frame Pro “Nuc” Nucleus Hive Box made completely from durable polypropylene. Fully locked lid, 2  feeding ports, closable entrances, drain holes to release moisture, frame rest, retainers in the lid to prevent frames from sliding, and reversible lid for extra ventilation.

Italian or Carniolan Queens Available

Please designate pickup location or choose a delivery option at checkout. Delivery and pickup will be scheduled mid to late May, weather dependent.

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Carniolan, Italian