Spicy Hot Gourmet Infused Honey | 4 oz glass jar | Raw Pure Local | Artisan | Hand Crafted | Small Batches | Gift | Sustainable


Spicy Hot Gourmet Infused Honey | 4 oz glass jar | Raw Pure Local | Artisan | Hand Crafted | Small Batches | Gift | Sustainable

Abelha Honey Co – Spicy Hot Infused Gourmet Honey

Experience our fiery Spicy Hot Infused Honey, crafted by infusing red chili and green jalapeño peppers. This unique blend strikes a flawless harmony between sweetness and spice. Each bottle contains a tantalizing combination of both peppers.

Spicy Hot Infused Honey has many uses:
-Drizzle it over fried chicken, warm turkey/ham, pizza, or meat and cheese boards.
-Transform a rack of ribs into a flavor-packed delight by generously pouring this honey for an extra kick.
-Elevate your snack game by using it as a zesty dipping sauce for chicken nuggets, fries, or other appetizers.-Infuse a spicy twist into your morning routine by adding it to your breakfast oatmeal or yogurt.
-Create a uniquely spiced cocktail by incorporating a splash of Spicy Hot Infused Honey into your favorite drink recipes.
-Enhance the flavor profile of grilled vegetables by brushing them with this tantalizing honey blend before cooking.

Each batch undergoes a careful infusion process, maturing for a minimum of two weeks before being expertly strained and bottled. We take pride in using our raw honey and sourcing only the finest organic infusion ingredients to ensure a premium quality product.

Indulge in the mouthwatering experience of Abelha Spicy Hot Honey, the perfect choice for those who relish a touch of heat in their honey!

NOTE: Real honey is subject to a process called crystallization. Because it is not pasteurized or filtered, it contains glucose, fructose, and pollen which will crystallize over time or when subjected to cooler temperatures. The crystallization of 100% raw honey preserves flavor and quality characteristics and can make it easier to spread or use in recipes. It may crystallize in layers or all at once depending on the size of the crystals formed. To return it to a smooth state, place your bottle of honey in a bowl of very warm water for an hour.

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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