100% Raw Unfiltered Honey

Our bees forage from over 300 acres of organic farmland and pollinator habitats. Their nectar and pollen is sourced from these diverse fields each spring and summer. They produce light, sweet, clean, delicious honey flavored from clover, wildflowers, and berries.

Our honey is never heated, filtered, or pasteurized and comes straight from the hive to your honey jar. All the important and essential enzymes, pollen, propolis, amino acids and nutrients remain; giving you the most nutritious source and array of health benefits.

Raw Honey is:

*Antioxidant Powerhouse
*Antibacterial and antifungal
*Phytonutrient dense
*Effective prebiotic
*Low Glycemic Index
*Natural Allergy Relief
*Immune Booster
*Sleep Promoter
*Wound and Ulcer Healer
*Never Spoils

We harvest our honey in small batches to ensure quality and consistency from our hives.

NOTE: Real honey is subject to a process called crystallization. Because it is not pasteurized or filtered, it contains glucose, fructose and pollen which will crystallize over time or when subjected to cooler temperatures. The crystallization of 100% raw honey actually preserves the flavor and quality characteristics and can make it easier to spread or use in recipes. It may crystallize in layers or all at once depending on the size of the crystals formed. To return it to a smooth state, place your bottle of honey in a bowl of very warm water for an hour.

***Never feed honey to children under 1 years of age.
***Not recommended for use by those with bee sting allergies.

Please BEWARE of any honey from the United States that is labeled “organic”. The USDA does NOT certify honey as organic in the US and anyone who is selling honey as organic is violating the USDA guidelines on organic labeling. Only honey from outside the US, certified by that originating country may be labeled organic. The exception to this is food producers that sell less than $5,000 a year. The exemption allows the seller to use the USDA organic label or the word “organic”, without having to get officially certified. But, the seller is REQUIRED to be truthful in advertising and follow all organic requirements. Any beekeeper can say their honey is organic, but they have to be confident all 28-78 square miles around their hives qualify as organic. This is extremely difficult to achieve with bees who naturally forage up to 5 miles in any direction. A beekeeper would have to own, lease or have an agreement with someone who has certified organic land and place those hives within this border.


100% Raw Unfiltered Honey

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