Mini Pure Raw Infused Honey Bundle “Pick 3” | Honey Sampler | Raw And Pure Honey


Mini Pure Raw Infused Honey Bundle “Pick 3” | Honey Sampler | Raw And Pure Honey

Want a smaller sample of our Mini Honey Infusion Bundle? Try our “You Pick Three” option!

Choose from the following flavors:

1. Vanilla
2. Espresso
3. Spicy Hot
4. Lavender
5. Elderberry
6. Hibiscus
7. Lemon
8. Root Beer
9. Key Lime
10. Orange Dreamsicle
11. Chamomile

Each batch of our honey is made and infused for a minimum of two weeks, ensuring a rich flavor profile. We use our own raw honey and only the finest organic ingredients for our infusions.

Every box is meticulously prepared for shipping, and you have the opportunity to add a personal touch. Choose your preferred flavor and select a colored ribbon during the checkout process. Your selection will be thoughtfully wrapped with the chosen ribbon, ensuring a delightful presentation when your package arrives.

NOTE: Real honey is subject to a process called crystallization. Because it is not pasteurized or filtered, it contains glucose, fructose, and pollen which will crystallize over time or when subjected to cooler temperatures. The crystallization of 100% raw honey preserves flavor and quality characteristics and can make it easier to spread or use in recipes. It may crystallize in layers or all at once depending on the size of the crystals formed. To return it to a smooth state, place your bottle of honey in a bowl of very warm water for an hour.

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